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Are you suffering from premature ejaculation? Then you are not alone. 25% of men report having 10 to 100 seconds long intercourse, disappointing their partner and themselves.

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How does premature ejaculation affect you and your partner?


Your partner

Who cares about premature ejaculation
and why should you fix it

Just like men, women don’t look for a short-period intercourse. How would a man, waiting and anticipating at least 20 minutes of pleasure, feel if his partner stops persistently, time after time, after 1 minute of intercourse? This is what premature ejaculation is all about, and this is what your partner feels every time you start being naughty under the covers.

It’s time to let your partner reach an orgasm during intercourse: learn why you should worry about premature ejaculation and how you can fix it with a simple app.
Love tango takes two people who trust each other in high intimacy. Almost 25% of men suffer premature ejaculation, which means 100% of their partners suffer short-lived non-satisfying intercourse, and desire intimacy to last longer than one minute.

If she will not get enough, she will leave you.

Take responsibility – don’t leave your partner disappointed time after time. Don’t let her stop her joyful act with you. 

Fix the problem, for the both of you. Get the app.

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